ASL Story Time On-Line

We can still read together even when we are apart!

ASL Story Time, like our other programs, got put on hold in March due to COVID concerns and restrictions. BUT, thanks to the ingenuity of Rae, a staff member at the Great Falls Public Library, we are reading together again… on-line!

This is a fun and fantastic community building opportunity, and we are super grateful to the Great Falls Public Library for this partnership!

We film once a week. Readers of any age, whether deaf or hearing are welcome to volunteer to read a story with Rae. This small 30 minute commitment has great positive impact for the reader and the community. It also provides accessible stories for Deaf patrons of the library.

Are you interested in volunteering to read a story? Email, and we will get you signed up!

Together we CAN read stories! 🙂

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ASL Stories from June and July 2020: