ASL Success Chat – Kim Dodge

Kim Dodge is a veterinarian practicing in Rochester , New York. Be inspired as Shawn and Kim discuss her educational and vocational journey. Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7:00 PM. This session was pre-recorded and premiers on YouTube here:

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Kim Dodge is second generation Deaf and grew up in southwestern Michigan.  She earned her bachelor’s degree (zoology) and her doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Michigan State University.  After starting out in mixed animal practice (seeing both pets and farm animals), she transitioned to small animal general practice and then small animal emergency medicine.  She has been practicing with a focus on emergency and critical care medicine in Rochester, NY for 15 years.

Shawn Tulloch, (the host for ASL Success Chat) works for the Disability, Employment and Transitions Division (DPHHS) as the Program Manager for Deaf Services.  She advises the counselors and staff in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services on the DHH needs.  She is a strong believer for DHH to seek work and to learn/maintain independent living skills. Shawn has a BA degree in Language Arts from Hope College and MA degree in Special Education from Michigan State University.  She worked as a teacher of the deaf for several years before working for the State of Montana.