C.A.N. Sign Classes Starting This Week!

Announcing C.A.N.’s pilot ASL classes!!! Are we excited??

YES. WE. ARE!!!!!

This is a long-awaited, much-anticipated, community-supported, major-team-effort success!

Our qualified teachers are Deaf experts with fantastic skills. Our venue is supported by the Children’s Museum of Montana, a wonderful community partner. And the launch of this program is made possible by a grant from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

This grant gives us the security to:

• pay our teachers as we gain awareness in the community

• assess and adjust our program as needed to ensure future success

• offer our classes free of charge for parents of deaf children who take the classes.

Please help us share the wonderful news!

And if you are interested in learning American Sign Language, register today!

Business class starts March 3, 2020.

Beginning ASL starts March 7, 2020.

ASL for Kids starts March 12, 2020.