Deaf Awareness Month Highlight #19

For day 19 of Deaf Awareness Month C.A.N. is celebrating Sign On!
Our kids have just signed up for the Friends Like Me program, and are LOVING it! We are so excited about this new resource which is so great for the kids in our rural state! Go to to find out more!
Here is what Sign On has to say about themselves….
SignOn is an immersive online learning tool that connects American Sign Language learners one-on-one with our Deaf ASL Ambassadors via live, two-way 30-minute online sessions. SignOn provides an unprecedented opportunity for ASL Learners to interact with individuals who use ASL in their daily lives. This interaction enhances and improves communication skills (receptive, expressive, & social language). SignOn sessions increase signing confidence significantly with improved practice, streamlined language techniques, exposure to numerous signing styles and Deaf culture. SignOn sessions are available seven days a week. All sessions are recorded and archived to watch and review after completed sessions. All Deaf ASL Ambassadors hired by SignOn Connect. Practice. Retain. LLC, have passed background checks required by SignOn.
Friends Like Me:
Friends Like Me is a monthly subscription, where DHH children meet once a week with their designated group. Friends Like Me connects DHH children with 2-3 other same-aged DHH kids. With the guidance of a DHH Adult Mentor, children gather on the SignOn platform in small groups to promote social language through personalized learning experiences and peer to peer companionship. During these live 30 minute sessions, Friends Like Me provides opportunities for individualized groups designed for children using ASL, Oral Communication or Total Communication (oral skills and ASL). Total inclusion of all DHH children is our mission. This is a great opportunity for DHH children to connect with other kids like them on a weekly basis to improve their social skills and make new friends by participating in conversations, playing games, having book talks, and engaging in fun activities together. All DHH Adult Mentors hired by SignOn Connect. Practice. Retain. LLC, have passed background checks required by SignOn.
Both of these programs can be easily added to your child’s IFSP and IEP, as they are remote learning/online programs.