Deaf Awareness Month Highlight #21

Day 21 of Deaf Awareness Month is also the beginning of International Week of the Deaf and today’s theme is “Sign Languages.” (See WFD’s page about that here:

Today C.A.N. is celebrating our native sign language, American Sign Language! We are also celebrating the Society for American Sign Language!!!

The Society for American Sign Language (SASL) is a professional association with the credentials dedicated to basic and applied research about American Sign Language. SASL’s goal is to expand linguistic accessibility. Linguistic principles are emphasized for understanding the signed language along with its aesthetics and role in literacy development and learning. SASL’s scope and forum include theory, policy, and practice considerations, as well as addressing how an alternative language modality fulfills the needs and well being of all citizens in society.

Check out their inspiring journal at

Watch the wonderful collection of films from their ASL Literature library here: and here: and here:

You can also visit their Facebook page at

We at Conservatory ASL Northwest (C.A.N.) are especially grateful to Samuel J. Supalla Ph.D., the president of SASL, for his support and advice in the early formation of our organization. His influence was a turning point in our journey that shaped our vision for the future. Sam helped us realize the importance of deaf and hearing collaboration in promoting ASL, the value of ASL, and that sign languages really are for everyone. Thank you, Sam!

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