Deaf Awareness Month Highlight #26

“Deaf Leadership” is WFD’s theme for September 26, 2020.

Quoting, “The motto of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is “Nothing about us without us”. It means that any initiative undertaken in favour of deaf people must be done in close
consultation with them through their representative organisations at every stage. Knowledge empowers deaf people and allows them to be agents of change in their societies.

Deaf people know better than anyone what we need and how to achieve our goals.

For the 26th day of Deaf Awareness Month, C.A.N. ( highlights two organizations inspiring vibrant Deaf leadership: Innivee Strategies and Deaf Entrepreneurship Network (DEN).

Innivee Strategies drives positive change from within. They offer meaningful guidance and tools to develop each association’s effectiveness. They collaborate with your organization to make the right leadership decisions, guide you in the steps for transition to ensure the success of your leaders, help with the management of restructuring and change, and work with you on the development of partnerships and strategic collaborations.

To find out more about Innivee Strategies amazing suite of services, visit their website at: and their facebook page at: 

Deaf Entrepreneurship Network is an inclusive startup community designed to inspire, grow and connect the aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. 

The mission is to expand the number of deaf and hard of hearing entrepreneurs in USA through professional development, networking and collaboration.

Find out more about DEN at: and on their Facebook page at: