OneHeartCall Invite

In December of 2020 Christina Rothe inspired a virtual audience with her teaching and art at C.A.N.’s OneHeart Call Connect workshop.

In January 2021 Christina Rothe’s empowering exhibit is still on display, now through February 12, 2021, at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art┬áin Great Falls, Montana. Due the the generosity and support of community-supporting organizations and individuals, admission to the Square is available to you at no charge.

Get in there and experience the OneHeartCall Project while you can!!

See Christina’s invitation here:

OneHeartCall Project highlights universally shared values of hope, love, and respect. Christina is inviting Deaf artists to join the project and share their creative voice!

Are you a Deaf artist? Do you know a Deaf artist? Please share this invitation and consider joining the project to bring more awareness to the value of Deaf expression and the treasure of community and heart connections.

Here is Christina’s invite to Deaf artists:

You can find out more about the OneHeartCall Project and get in touch with Christina through the OneHeartCall website:

Why is the message so important? … We need to come together. We need each other.

Each heart, your heart, is an important part of the tapestry.

be YOU. give YOU.

Together we CAN!