Connect, cultivate, and empower deaf and hearing signers of all ages by facilitating both knowledge sharing and social interactions in American Sign Language.


American Sign Language in every home in the American Northwest.


  1. Access to and through ASL
  2. Deaf Leadership
  3. Community Collaboration
  4. Inter-generational Connections
  5. Leading Through Service, Leading by example
  6. Empowerment Through Facilitation
  7. Promoting a Culture of Respect


C.A.N. is a Deaf-led organization that focuses on the linguistic minority of the American Sign Language community. Our vision includes reaching children and adults of all hearing levels to empower them with access through American Sign Language.

The founders of C.A.N. are deaf and hearing parents of deaf and hearing children. We see the need first hand for a community that embraces linguistic diversity, utilizes and encourages individual strengths, and supports each other in areas of challenge. We believe sign language gives deaf people access to the world and gives the world access to deaf people. We believe sign language benefits everyone.

With that vision we are endeavoring to establish an ASL community center in Great Falls that will provide a connecting place for the ASL community, a place where our children can learn from Deaf adults, a place where we can experience Deaf leadership and role models, a place where young and old can grow together and learn from each other, a place where people who communicate in American Sign Language can share knowledge, a place where the hearing community (including hearing parents of deaf children) can connect and benefit from the unique and diverse Deaf community.

Together we CAN!