ASL CAN Film Camp 2019

ASL CAN Film Camp 2019, August 11-16… IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! Deadline for registration is this Wednesday, July 31. Could we be more excited for this amazing experience?? NO!! Because we are so SUPER excited!!! And we are still amazed at the way it has all come together!

Here is a quick history of this project…..

We were looking into the possibility of hosting a film workshop, and applying for the Artists in Schools and Communities Grant from the Montana Arts Council.

Cynthia Weitzel, (the AMAZING De’VIA artist who inspired our local community in May this year), connected us with Kalen Feeney, (a well known Deaf actress and professional script writer)…. Kalen connected us with Stacy Lawrence, (super networker, inspirational leader, and film camp founder)…and….

Stacy connected us with a a whole crew of sensational Deaf film and drama artists!!! And they are all coming to Camp Marshall in Polson Montana to connect, cultivate, and empower deaf and hearing, middle and high school students this August!!!!! Not only did Stacy connect, she also made the project burst into a week long, action-packed, AWESOME camp!! COME ON!!

AND… we were awarded the grant from the Montana Arts Council!!! PLUS many other organizations have generously given financial support. See the list of sponsors on theĀ film camp page. Because of this, we are able to offer the camp at no charge to the students!!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who are connecting to make this wonderful opportunity become a reality for students in Montana!

Bravo!! for the power of ASL and Deaf gain!!

Together we CAN!!!