Deaf Awareness Month Highlight #25

“Equal Opportunities for All Deaf People” is today’s theme for the International Week of the Deaf.

World Federation of the Deaf states that, “An inclusive employment environment in sign language is the cornerstone that enables deaf people to thrive and reach their full potential in order to maximise their participation and contribution to society.”

Today, on day #25 of Deaf Awareness month, C.A.N. is celebrating two businesses we know of that advocate for equal opportunities… Deaffriendly Consulting and Access Vine!

This is what deaffriendly has to say about themselves: “Creating a deaf-friendly world is a two-way effort between businesses and consumers. This is why we offer a variety of services to help businesses reach inclusion goals and deepen their toolkit of deaf-friendly actions.”

You can find out more on their website at: and on their Facebook page at:

About Access Vine:


The goal is to learn from the subject matter experts, community leaders, and each other, through interactive workshops, company events, and daily conversations.  


Let’s take on this journey to challenge everyone that deaf and hard of hearing people across the globe are capable of doing the same kind of work as everyone else. The ultimate goal is to teach each other to do better work. It’s more than just a phrase. It’s how we treat each other and our customers.


  Give yourself the ability to adapt to changes resulting from increased diversity in the workforce.  Expand your knowledge about different topics such as work accommodations, communication strategies, and so much more.  

Find out more about Access Vine at: and on their Facebook page at

If you know of other businesses that promote equal opportunities for deaf people, please email us at, and let us know. Thanks!!