Parents, we feel you!

Being a parent is tough. Parenting a deaf child comes with its own unique challenges and often… a sense of isolation. Add in the challenges of social distancing, masks, virtual school and our own mental health with everything going on…. you all deserve a BIG HUG and highest accolades!

From all of us at Conservatory ASL Northwest we want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And your role is so critical to the successful outcome of your deaf child. (See NDC’s article

Parents empowered with knowledge and a network of support can work wonders and expect successful outcomes for their deaf kids. That’s why C.A.N. is working to build community connections and events that are accessible to families and deaf individuals alike.

Please help us help you and take 10 minutes to fill out our parent survey HERE

Each survey participant will be entered in a drawing with a chance to win your choice of a refurbished laptop ($100 value – netbook) from C.A.N.’s tech program or a $25 cash card. The drawing will take place Friday, February 5, 2021.

Here is to a bright and happy future for us and our kids!!! Together we CAN!

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