Texas Now

The situation in Texas is dire, and deaf Texans need our support!

The guest this week for our regularly scheduled ASL Success Chat lives in Texas and is unable to make the interview because of power outages and the conditions there. This brought to our attention how serious the Texas situation is.

Good news?! There is a Deaf-led organization, Off the Grid Missions, who is on the frontline and providing critical support.

According to Off the Grid Missions “Deaf people are the last to receive information in the aftermath of a disaster and without electricity.” Off the Grid Missions has extremely helpful info on their website including warm shelter locations, real time updates, safety tips, and a power outage tracker.

What can you do?? Check in on your Texas friends! And support Off the Grid with a financial contribution so they can keep doing the awesome work they are doing!

You can visit Off the Grid Missions’ website HERE

You can contribute to Off the Grid Missions HERE

You can see Off the Grid Missions’ Facebook page HERE

Let’s help those in need, support our community, and support Deaf leadership!

Together we CAN!!!

(Stay tuned for next week’s ASL Success Chat announcement…..)